• Peter ~

      You are correct. No argument. I am very aware of Greenpeace and what they have done and not done. Being a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society supporter, through and through, I had to think long and hard about using The Greenpeace Video. After thinking about it, it came down to this: The Arctic is in peril. Greenpeace is putting out mass-media that is raising the consciousness of a broader public than I can possibly reach. Their media is reaching humans that are NOT yet educated/aware/conscious . If the media can get the elementary-level attention of the masses, the rest of us as activists can spring-board off of it and influence those who are currently uneducated toward choices of “full compassion.”

      I am aware that there are many groups who focus on single-issue campaigns and there are many groups who claim to love animals but turn a blind eye to the cruelty of the slaughterhouses…and continue to eat the flesh and blood of sentient life. I’m not turning a blind eye to this at all. Instead, I’m speaking from the voice of The Animal Spirits to humans who have not yet arrived to full understanding of the sanctity of life and the dire need for empathetic and compassionate choice. It is a global voice to others, calling them from where they stand….different places of growth, understanding, knowledge, conviction and practice.

      On purpose, I’m reading the links you provided AFTER I post this response. It seemed like the way to respond most authentically. Will go review them now.

      Thanks, as always for the dialogue. You always think these things through so carefully. Love that. Appreciate that. Want more of that. It’s energizing. 🙂

      ~ Gerean

    • PS ~ I’ve read the links you provided. I align with everything stated. Am also a champion of “Cowspiracy.” I’m considering adding a bit to the end of my Polar Bear post, where it asks “What Can You Do?” , but it’s difficult to address ALL issues beneath one tiny bit of poetry. Dilemmas abound. 🙂

      • Gerean, please don’t consider my words a condemnation of you and your work (which I suspect you did not, but to be sure). And, I agree with you. The video was excellent, BTW.

  1. Actually Peter, I’m really grateful for your open dialogue. After your observations, I gave my message more intense thought and asked myself if the video by Greenpeace is endorsing all of their other not-so-healthy positions, and my own answer is: Yes, I am promoting activities that I do not stand for. I also came to the conclusion that my poetry is capable of standing alone without the video. So, I came to the conclusion, that I will delete the video and let my words stand alone. Some might say that If it hadn’t been for you being a positive catalyst to my thought, I may not have reached this level of awareness, but I say: Everything happens for a reason and in it’s right time, even though we don’t readily understand the reason or the timing. (This is applicable to the seeming mistakes in life ~ they are never mistakes, but opportunities for accelerated awareness).

    Thank you so much for your detailed input. Response is what keeps our spirits “pounding.”

    ~ Gerean

  2. Thanks for all of this, Gerean. As to the comments and concerns about using things from a group that is not “pure” in its ways — well, as an environmental studies professor of mine once said, you have to attack from all angles and use all ways. We gotta throw our paper airplanes from all directions. There is plenty of room for all to struggle together. Good to be inclusive. I used to work for Greenpeace. Don’t agree with everything, but they do a tremendous amount of good.

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