For every abuser, torturer and exploiter, there are MORE who recognize that the most valuable of life lessons are gifted to us through our connectedness to the Animal Spirits.  This site will strive to capture our shared spirit and the potential of mutual relationship through information, education, poetry, writing and images.  This blog has been created to focus more predominantly on the heroes of this world, rather than the villains.  However, one certainly cannot be illuminated without the other.

“One does not have to operate with great malice to do great harm. The absence of empathy and understanding are sufficeint.” ~ Charles M. Blow

“The Animal Spirits” is a collective voice, created to encourage, inspire and influence compassionate action and choice by/of/from the human species, calling them to lend voice to innocent, sentient, living beings who cannot speak for themselves.

WE are The Animal Spirits, both human and non human, WE are the oppressed, the enslaved, the exploited and the vulnerable. WE are the endangered, the elderly, the disabled and the ailing. WE think, WE dream. WE love. WE hunger. WE feel. WE suffer. In these capacities, WE suffer as equals. WE are calling to compassionate humans to rescue, protect and lend voice on OUR behalf.

Blessings on those who from places of empathy and compassion take action to protect, defend and lend voice to innocent, sentient, living beings, of ALL species in need.

Both human and non-human, . . . WE are The Animal Spirits.

In regard to campaigns, we are cooperative. However, WE focus our support on the campaign to educate people that if human and nonhuman animals matter morally, we cannot justify eating, wearing, or using them. Period.

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“The Animal Spirits”
Writer/Blogger/Admin: Gerean Pflug

Email:  Gerean222@Gmail.com

Location: Ashland, OR, USA

Please feel free to copy, reblog and share with any social media platforms.  Together, we can raise awareness of the global need for empathy and compassion, one-to-another.

On behalf of the Spirits that do not communicate in words, Thank you.

Gerean Pflug,  The Animal Spirits,  Ashland, OR, U.S.A.

Gerean Pflug, Author,The Animal Spirits

Gerean Pflug, Author,
The Animal Spirits


DEDICATION:  The inspiration to begin this blog site came to me along with renewed hope after following (on Facebook) the life of Moses, a baby elephant who was orphaned because of elephant poaching.  Moses was taken in by The Jumbo Foundation.  I followed the story from the beginning and fell in love with this little ele, as well as the people who run The Jumbo Foundation.  One morning, I logged into Facebook and learned that Moses had ceased to resist the changing of form and passed on to the ‘nother places.  I fell into deep grief.  After several days of moping, it occured to me that I am afforded the opportunity to honor Moses’ short life through promoting the protection of elephants and all of the other Animal Spirits.  Thus, this blog is born, November 2012 and is dedicated to Moses, The Elephant Ambassador and to The Jumbo Foundation.

We can make a difference.



46 comments on “ABOUT

  1. I was introduced to animal totems about 10 years ago. What an INCREDIBLE journey it’s been so far. My Uncle is actually a Shaman. What a truly gifted individual. (I’m actually trying to get him on WordPress). I’m really looking forward to following!

    • Adam ~ Thank you for visiting, following and taking the time to connect. I hope that you succeed in convincing your uncle to share with us in this forum. I am half Cherokee. I understand the special giftedness of those connected to the ancients. I will pop over and check out your site now. Many Blessings! ~Gerean, The Animal Spirits

    • Yes, Mr Gerean Pflug! Elephants are such sentient beings indeed! They are among the few nonhuman species that can recognise themselves in the mirror.

      Elephants can also paint. See one of my favourite books by Frans de Waal, The Ape and the Sushi Master: Cultural Reflections by a Primatologist (London: Penguin Books, 2001). You would love reading it for many reasons.

      Happy February to you!

      • Sound Eagle ~ I have seen videos of elephants painting. I have also heard a rumor that some human’s force them to paint using inhumane methods. I do not know if this is true. Have you heard anything about the allegation?

        I will check out the book “The Ape and Sushi Master.” For my entire life, I have loved reading anything to do with the animal spirits.

        BTW, I am Ms. Gerean Pflug 🙂

        Nice to virtually meet you.

      • Oh! Please pardon my mistake, Ms Gerean Pflug. It is certainly much easier to misidentify a person’s gender nowadays. For example: Some of my more ignorant friends had refused to believe me when I told them that Andy McDowell and Sean Young, two of my favourite actresses, are women.

      • Hi Ms Gerean Pflug,

        You can have my absolute reassurance that SoundEagle will not and never put more credence to people or blogs that feature poems than those do not. In fact, of the four bloggers who have/had certain issues with SoundEagle, three are poets (one of them is in fact an aphorism poet (or aphorist), to be more precise). There seem to be some quantifiable differences in how certain poets think and behave, for better or worse.

      • To answer your question about “a rumor that some human’s force [elephants] to paint using inhumane methods”, SoundEagle believes that it could certainly be true, especially in cases where they have to perform such “tricks” to paying spectators. In any case, elephants in captivity may indeed relish the opportunity to enjoy such activity as painting, given their intelligence, not to mention that they may lack a good variety of other engaging activities done with humans and/or their own kind in captivity, or even in a wildlife sanctuary.

  2. Your blog is wonderful and much needed. I live on a game preserve and inside the floresta so my life is filled with wonderful animals. I also had an equine therapy program for children with physical and mental handicaps as well as kids with severe emotional problems. So many times I have see the difference the love of an animal has made in my life and others that I am shocked when a person does not like animals or treats them badly. We must sound the message of Oneness for how can our world improve if we do not give honor, respect and love to all that our Creator has made. hugs, pat

    • I am very happy to meet you. How wonderful to live on a game reserve. I have always given much thought to working with animals and children. I currently do volunteer work here in Southern Oregon. I work with adult developmentally disabled artists. I often imagine introducing dogs into the weekly sessions. I have seen first hand, the healing that is possible when the spirits mesh . . . human and animal spirits. I will look forward to your future posts and perhaps more conversation shared along the way. Many blessings. ~Gerean Pflug, The Animal Spirits

      • I want to introduce you to Bridgette Fueller who is a wonderful animal activist and a friend of mine who heads a ONG in Paraguay that is active in environmental protection, and human and animal rights. Are you on FaceBook? If so I will connect you with her. Please do stay in touch and feel free to reblogg anything you want from Source of Inspiration. hugs, pat

  3. I really appreciate what you’re trying to do here: we are one, and to hurt other beings, is to hurt us all- it creates a karmic debt we all share. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Peace and harmony.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.

  5. HooOOoooOWWWwwwwwLLLLLooooooooo Gerean! And thank you for following my blog, lovely to meet you here Yes…it was some time ago and I do apologise for the delay in my return…it’s got a touch busy here on W/P of late! I am somewhat behind You’re blog is great…really cool… great work! I will be back! In the meantime, take care and enjoy your blogging week ahead

    • Julee ~ Thank you so very much for nominating me. I have extremely limited time and am juggling an enormous amount of responsibilities at this time. Haven’t been able to write my own blog post since March. Cannot follow up on the award at this time. But is much appreciated! ~Gerean

    • Peter ~

      I followed the link you provided to Michael Lane’s blog and have begun to read his stories. He has a fun sense of humor. I enjoy stories. I enjoy stories most when written poetically…prose-y. (Prosetically).

      I have another blog site where I used to write more poetically. I followed a group of bloggers who followed each other’s posts. They started up a collaborative piece. It was very challenging, but quite fun and the outcome, as I remember, was satisfactory to all involved.

      A handful of the pieces I wrote for “The Animal Spirits” were prose stories. One was about the rescue of a baby bear. One was an attempt to influence humans to shun the evil circus racket. One was an attempt to poetically educate the public about the Japan’s whaling in the Southern Ocean sanctuaries. I remember experiencing the most energy while working on the these three pieces.

      I do most of my writing on Facebook at:
      I’m proud of the page and the quality of the posts.
      You are invited to visit.

      I’ve been asked to publish a post about a Care Farm/Animal Sanctuary located in Jacksonville, OR. I’ve already done the visit. I took a photographer with me. But, I’m dragging my feet in getting started with the writing because the words are falling onto the page sounding ….like….blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s that rut thing.

      Well….It only just dawned on me that I’m rambling.

      Thank you for writing back to me and for letting me bend your ear a bit. I will visit your page again and read more of your work and Michael’s too.


      ~ Gerean

      • Gerean, but you’re not rambling at all. I love to hear all about this. I did just visited your FB page and it is very nice, you’re doing a wonderful job promoting animal rights and awareness, I’m impressed. I’m not able to Like or comment because I no longer have an FB account–I may have to rethink my position some time in the future. Until then, I will stop in from time to time.

        Thank you, Gerean for all you do.

      • Peter ~

        Thank you so much for making what matters to me, matter to you. Thank you also for visiting TAS on Facebook. We have 1,500 followers, a 60,000 weekly post reach and are followed by 45 different countries, so we are making a significant dent in educating and raising public awareness of the dire need for the international protection of nonhuman sentient beings.

        If you ever do re-activate your FB account, it would be a great place to promote your blog site and your wonderful gift of writing. Let me know if you decide to do that, I will be happy to follow.

        Thank you again for taking the time to encourage me and to write.

        ~ Gerean

  6. Hi Gerean, thank you so much for following my blog, Fur Out The Closet.
    I love the philosophy of your blog and look forward to reading more.
    Thank you for caring ❤

    Best wishes,

    • Emily ~ Thanks for taking the time to visit and to leave a message. I am just starting to blog again after a year-long break. It’s good to know that others are connected. I appreciate the work you are doing at Fur Out The Closet and will be following your posts too. WE share the common-objective of influencing others toward compassionate action and choice. Many Blessings! ~ Gerean

    • Esraaysu~ Thank you for appreciating this blog. It is actually a collective of the work of many. I don’t know what is expected after being nominated for an award, but will wait to see. Thank you again! ~ Gerean/The Animal Spirits

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