6 comments on “A Dignified Farewell

  1. This is so beautiful and poignant. Thank you for honoring these precious souls, who pass in and out of our lives unnoticed by most. 😦

    • Debi, It has been five years since my last blog post. I now have to completely re-build my reader following. You have no idea how much your comment means to me. Not only because you are the only one of over 100 views that commented here, but because of your long-standing support of my work to call to the compassionate parts of the human heart and soul. Thank you so much for aligning with me in the same desire. Blessings, my friend. ~Gerean

  2. The little patch of earth where I live also has countless others living here or passing through to some place warmer for the winter. Sometimes it is their last journey here. We do bury them of course. I so love your note of blessings and the offerings of flowers and greenery for a soft bed . I will add those in the future.

    • I know this is your message Jeannie. Thank you for all you do for the Bunny Spirits and the many other Animal Spirits who cross your path. Thank you for your compassionate heart and soul and for giving so much of yourself so that others suffer less. Thanks for reading my personal method of releasing bodies to other-worldly travels. If you do adopt the flowers and note part, it would be great if you posted a photo, or sent it to me via private message. Love and LIGHT, my friend. ~Gerean

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