6 comments on “ONE CLEAR NOTE

    • natosharose ~ Thank you for acknowledging. Today is a bit of a day of grief for me, as I have been connected to my piano since birth. The image and the quote communicated so well, the manifestation of my heart and soul via my own personal music, expressed through . . . my piano.

      MANY Blessings!

      ~ Gerean

  1. Oh Gerean, so sad and so beautiful. The words, the image and the music, which is a favourite of mine. All perfectly matched. I’m sorry your piano is no longer with you, for I’m sure it felt a part of you. One cannot underestimate the value and love gleaned from such relationships. x

    – Sonmi upon the Cloud

    • sonmi ~ Thank you, and the cloud, for taking time out to read/hear/feel with me today. Yes. You are so right, there is a deep relationship that is experienced with what was once a “thing” after one has created upon them, much like the blank page, awaiting our words. We bleed out upon them and give them life. I know you know. 😉 Blessings. ~ Gerean

  2. Thank you Gerean, for allowing us, to taste the bittersweetness of your life, today. The joy, the loss, the music, the melody, the memories; the art and the portrait of yourself, you continue to share with us. I am grateful to call you starsister and friend. Peggy

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