16 comments on “OUR ETHICAL DUTY

  1. This is beautiful in its obvious and simple and undeniable truth, Gerean. As is your “WE think, WE dream, WE love, WE hunger, WE feel, WE suffer, WE grieve. In these capacities, WE ARE EQUALS”

    Peace to you and to the animals and for those deserving, thank you, Gerean.

    • Peter ~ Thank you for being there to encourage me and others as we continue to use our gifts and tools to lend voice to those who are so worthy of our honor, our respect and our compassion. Peace to you, peace to those who stand for kindness and justice, peace to The Earth’s precious Animal Spirits.. ~ Gerean

  2. Thank you Gerean, for these words of enlightenment. You have encouraged me to become more of the person, I AM, by sharing your wisdom and the wisdom of others. It is a subt

    • Wow, Peggy. Your words to me are encouraging. Thank you for letting me know that what I transmit is affecting you in a positive way. It is what I most hope for. Hope you are well, my dear friend. ~ G

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