1. Precisely and simply as that. But, I’m coming to believe the masses don’t want peace. It perhaps has been bred out of them through various elite means.

    Peace to you, Gerean, to yours, to the animals, to those deserving.

    • Perhaps you are right that the masses do not choose peace. Regardless . . . I will not leave this earthly life without an attempt to influence them otherwise. And . . . to do this, I must continue to believe in the possibility.

      Thank you, Peter . . . for your consistent, compassionate activism and response.


      ~ Gerean

      • Yes we must continue because somewhere out there, there is someone who will understand. It is the same way I came about.

      • Millions are choosing veganism. The activism movement is growing leaps and bounds at a rate that is historically unprecedented. Look at how many bloggers, authors, poets, musicians, artists, celebrities, public speakers, non-profits, social media sites, demonstrations, petitions, rescuers, sanctuaries and even freedom vigilantes, etc. that are coming up out of the woodwork in the name of compassionate change and the end of speciesism. I study the growth all day long. I don’t expect we will completely end cruelty, but I see that those of us dedicated to the compassionate movement (veganism/Ahimsa), are unifying and truly influencing the masses in a way that is affect phenomenal change. I’m in for the duration.

        Thank you for being in for the duration, as well, because you have a lot of POWER of influence and when you write, I recognize it.

        Blessings, my friend.

        ~ G

  2. Although we are a small band here, we encourage each other to continue with our beliefs through sometimes difficult times. We grow with every new person we reach.

    • Paul ~ I study “The Movement” as a predominant, personal interest. OUR support of one another is propelling all of us forward to reach multitudes of humans who are awakening/evolving. Compassionate activism is growing like wildfire and as WE unify, we are reaching the entire world with our influence. I am encouraged. Thank you for your powerful investment of time, thought and conviction in influencing others away from violence. Please continue to transmit. Your work makes a profound difference in my life personally. Many Blessings on you and yours. ~ Gerean

    • B2B ~ Thank you for reblogging and influencing others toward compassionate thought, action and choice. Will visit your page and comment there as well. Many Blessings! ~ Gerean/The Animal Spirits

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