7 comments on “BOUND TO SUFFERING

  1. I am particularity sensitive to the suffering of pigs and so I find the above picture quite disturbing, though in a number of ways irrespective of the pigs. It brings with it a heavy burden, the disdain of man, and the realization that despite our best efforts we will never win. And when all that we wish to win is what everyone else only pretends to desire, peace. Peace will forever elude us of heart for we are Bound to Suffering.

    Lovely piece, Gerean.

    • Peter ~

      Because we are all mirrors…in a manner of speaking, reflecting/projecting both the darkness and the light, and at times projecting both simultaneously. Therefore, peace . . . is a personal state of soul. In this respect, man can experience peace and others can share the experience. Until Nirvana is reached (or until pigs fly), Peace, will always walk along side of suffering. While I work to raise awareness, educate and influence others away from violent choices, I strive to stand most predominantly in The LIGHT.

      You are so gifted at influencing thought. You have no idea how much I have appreciated your connection and response. Thank you.

      ~ Gerean

    • Anarette ~ When one looks at the horrific suffering that so many living beings (nonhuman and human) endure at the hands of one species, it is difficult to see humans as anything but despicable. Yet, indifference is every bit as cruel. My personal objective is to awaken and influence the indifferent toward empathy and compassionate action/choice. What I have found is that MOST humans desire that others be treated compassionately. MANY humans across The Planet choose/act in compassion. But, the cruel seem to get the most attention.

      I am most active on “The Animal Spirits” on Facebook. I notice that when I publish posts/images like the one above, so many people have an emotional reaction in opposition, but few of those have the same reaction to what is happening in the slaughterhouses, which are every bit (and more) as cruel, merciless and soul-less as what is depicted above. There is much to be done in raising awareness, educating and influencing others toward compassionate action/choice. I see the world changing. I people awakening. I see people shifting. On this I hang my hope and continue to write.

      Thank you for taking the time to read a bit of what I’ve written here. Thank you for responding. Many Blessings! ~ Gerean/The Animal Spirits

  2. That’s why I give money to PETA every year. Of course, PETA alone will not solve this pathetic situation, but at least I’m helping an organization raising awareness for these cruelties.

    • Maria ~ Any compassionate action taken makes a difference. The collective actions of the international community, as we unify, are changing the world. Thank you for connecting with me here and for your compassionate action/choice. Many Blessings! ~ Gerean


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