1. “If that sight does not change the heart of a man, nothing will. . . ” Very true, though heaven knows you’d hope it would not have to come to that to touch someone’s heart and have them develop some kind of sympathy, if not empathy at the pain and cruelty, how vastly unnecessary all such treatment of another sentient beings is. Great post. Thank you.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud.

    • Sonmi upon the Cloud ~ I’ve spent more than half a century peering into the hearts and souls of humans for the sole purpose of finding rays of empathy and compassion there. I am happy to report that every human I’ve known so far has this ray (in varying degrees of strength). Although there are certainly those who are in complete darkness, I have yet meet them. Many of the human species simply need a hairline crack, in order to set their LIGHT free to shine. Those like Mr. Wollen, and you and me and a multitude of others are here with the purpose of delivering the hairline crack. Thank you, sonmi, for your contribution to unified LIGHT. Also, thank you for your response. Because of it, I am encouraged. MANY Blessings. ~ Gerean

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