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  1. beautiful.

    I would like to share an excerpt with you from the book I am writing right now. It is an unfinished work but I think you may like this passage. In this passage, the main character had experienced a wolf pack the day before and dreamed about them that night. This is an excerpt from the dream:

    They hadn’t seen the wolves again but they were on Aria’s mind since she had opened her eyes. She had dreamt about them too, and in her dream she was one of them, or at least she thought she was. She couldn’t see her body in the dream, but she was eye level with the pack and running with them across the prairie, watching the moonset in the reflection of a crystal clear mountain lake as she drank from it. The water tasted better than anything she had ever experienced and she could smell the all the fragrances of the good earth as they floated by on the fresh mountain breeze.
    But the most amazing thing in the dream was the eyes of the other wolves that were with her. She had never noticed how beautiful and deep they were before. They were the purest colors of the earth, sky, water and moon. They had amazing flecks of green, pale yellow and light brown. When she looked into them she could see the stars reflected there, and they became windows into the ancient souls behind them. She could hear their thoughts and she floated across the threshold and into them, and through to the universe behind them. She could hear the echoes of the stories being told there, stories before the dawn of man and the creation of the planet. Their memories extended beyond time and connected them with everything other thing in the universe, and she could travel through their tears into other dimensions. She could now see that animal consciousness was infinite and pure, and she learned her place in the universe as she made a soul connection with the members of her pack. And she could see that they pitied us… the wanderers, the homeless humans, trapped in the maze of our dull understanding and weak consciousness, cut off from our source with no window into the universe, doomed to be savage, untamed, unconscious and dangerous.
    When she awakened she had wept. And as all the wonderful feelings she had experienced in the dream began to fade, she was left with only sadness at what her species had done to the beauty and purity of nature and its creatures. She realized that we hadn’t been banished from the garden; we had lost sight of it, and turned on it, and unconsciously attacked and slaughtered it. She felt contempt for her species, and its dark ability to rationalize unconsciousness, and she was beginning to understand now what had happened, and why the Architect had all but wiped humanity out. And she felt that we deserved it.

    Rob London

    • Rob ~

      Interesting that you honed right in on “A message from Mother.” I had added to my To-Do List to personally send you a link and a message from me via Facebook, but you posted to me here before I posted to you there. Oh well….I guess it is another illustration of how little we really need to strive, as those things that are meant to be heard, read, shared, realized . . . have their own power and find their way with or without our efforts.

      Thank you for sharing the excerpt from your upcoming book. I’m honored that it appears personally from you on my humble landing site. I have personally been recognizing “The Awakening” for some time, however the awareness has been growing stronger over the past few months. I’m bearing witness to changes that I have never experienced before . . . in all species. The manifestations of the phenomena are beyond the physical realm, coming from yet uncharted places of the spiritual/metaphysical realm. The Animal Spirits and their advanced behaviors are signals . . . I believe they have been waiting for the human species to awaken, and that they are prepared to welcome us into oneness. It is an illustration of the acceptance that all man-made religions preach but do not act upon, to live without malice, to do no intentional harm, to accept that we are one with the earth ~ that we are all connected and that we can realize purpose in unity.

      Two parts of your excerpt above speak to me powerfully: The Pack and The Eyes. My lifetime experience with and observation of both domesticated and wild non-human animals has made me aware of their understanding of the benefits of unity (the pack) and of their ability to communicate without words (eye contact/body language). The Animal Spirits who have crossed my path have taught me the lessons of speaking from the inner-self, the wordless self. Of course, this kind of communication is not yet effective with the unawakened human species, but I am beginning to feel an under-current of new abilities in our species. I am testing the waters everyday.

      The excerpt you shared inspires thought relating to what is occurring in the calling out of all living beings from the darkness into The LIGHT. I am in process of reading your book “WE, THE NETWORK” (am halfway through) and have been highlighting the continuous parallels you have woven in that relate to unity and The LIGHT. You’ve done a splendid job of writing a calling that is cloaked in a novel. I will write much more about my impressions once done with the book, but I am feeling that the book is going to initially lull people into the story, but in the process, has the potential of being one of the catalysts that will affect the masses. As the masses begin to unify, fear will subside and the power of The LIGHT will prevail. Thank you for your courage to write in this manner.

      In my communications with the human species this new year, I am preparing to transmit at a much higher frequency than I have in the past. It is a balancing act ~ Gotta knock their socks off, but do so in language that all can understand. My message will continue to be of empathy, compassion, kindness, gentleness, mercy and grace, but I will be intensifying the additional message of unity, oneness, love and LIGHT (between ALL species). On OUR Facebook page, where I transmit most frequently, I am already beginning to publish messages such as this one: “WE will bring down the walls that imprison and separate us. WE are entering into a year that will be the beginning of phenomenal change. YOU will be part of this, if YOU choose to be. Step boldly into the LIGHT in 2015.”

      Thank you Rob, for utilizing your personal gift toward building the collective LIGHT. Your choices and actions are heroic. You are clearly a WAYSEER, unafraid to let your voice be heard and are influencing others to be a powerful part of the change they wish to see in the world. This is compassionate leadership and the world is starving for it. Thank you also for your friendship and support this year. I appreciate your presence and have been greatly inspired by our connection.

      Many Blessings on you and yours and those whom you influence in the Year 2015. I have a strong feeling in my soul, that 2015 will mark a year of unprecedented change and miraculous transformation. WE stand…..together.

      ~ Gerean

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