4 comments on “SHADOW PURPOSES

  1. Perfect analogy, it is almost that we must have darkness to project light, for light is invisible. And perhaps it is true that we need a degree of evil to give good purpose. But not too much evil, and of course, we are in the too much phase. But now I’m waxing metaphysical nonsense.

    Thank you, Gerean, beautiful poems and stunning photo.

    • Peter ~ I’ve got a gut-level feeling that the metaphysical is not as nonsensical as some may yet believe. Thank you for continually responding to my posts. I am encouraged. Blessings! ~ G

    • Aaron ~

      Thank you for connecting and responding. I visited your site a few minutes ago and recognize a shared intention of message. Am going to return and read more. Many Blessings!

      ~ Gerean/The Animal Spirits

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