1. Burying the past, to let go hate, anger, revenge, to live in the moment for the sake of peace for all beings, is an act capable of only the courageous.

    Thank you, brave one.

    • Anger, hatred and revenge are the results of pain and fear-based thought. Once the negative thoughts are questioned and determined to be useless, WE are faced with the responsibility of thought-shift. I believe that the base thoughts that we choose have power to affect collective consciousness. Therefore, if we desire the expansion of peace, we must individually BE peace. This begins with the shifting of thought. Physiologically, living beings are a mass of water and neurons organized inside of a container that sends out and receives electrical signals. We may not completely understand how this works, but we know that at the foundation, it is happening. It makes sense to me that as senders and receivers, WHO also have the capabilities of shifting thought, the potential for peaceful co-existence likely depends on how we choose to generate our individual energy.

      I have always believed in OUR capabilities to do this. It seems that as we evolve, the capabilities increase in both humans and nonhumans. WE transmit. The question is, how and what will we choose to transmit? And . . . outside of the physiological possibilities, what are the intellectual, psychological, emotional and spiritual possibilities? Likely . . . endless. Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit: The four-levels of consciousness. A powerful engine of transmission. Imagine if by choice, living beings all fired on the same pistons in sync, in harmony, in love. ……………………

      Every time we respond in a positive and uplifting way to another, we perpetuate this energy. You do this for me every time you extend yourself to respond to something that I send out. I experience gratitude and increased energy. Thank you for daring to invest your energy in me, “brave one.” 😉

      Check this out as a bit of food for thought:


      Happy “New” Thanksgiving, Peter!

      ~ Gerean

      PS ~ Maybe in the future, we will collaborate and writing a “New Thanksgiving Manifesto.” I believe the time to do this is arriving. Ponder-worthy.

  2. It is an interesting article and not the first I’ve read like it. This is something I can easily accept. And of the telepathy between people in dreams, I read once that one cannot see faces in a dream that they haven’t seen before in non-dream states. I suspect this nonsense, because I have vivid dreams and I see faces that I’ve never seen before. I’m not sure what it all means, if anything.

    Yes, it is time to rewrite Thanksgiving.

    And a Happy New Thanksgiving to you too, Gerean.

    • Ohhhhhhh, I really love discussing dreams and am tempted to start writing to you about it immediately, but . . .I’m off to occupy space at the annual “old” Thanksgiving pow-wow with family, where I will watch them devour a once, sentient, living being,
      ( *rolling my eyes* ), while they force themselves to speak of gratitude of life and the many blessings they wish for others. While they do this, I will escape inside my own personal head-space and start formulating what message I will transmit next. ~G

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