• I just realized that when I responded to your comment, I added my response as a stand-alone comment and not a reply. Sorry, Peter. Hope you don’t think your comment didn’t matter to me. It did. Read below. ~ Gerean

      • I would never think my comment or any other mean nothing to you, Gerean. You have in no way given reason for me to think thus—even if the comment would never receive a reply. For one, it may not be required—although it is often, a courtesy I do understand. And for another I know people get busy. Myself, I was away all day yesterday and part of the night, and I don’t do mobile computing. 🙂


  1. Peter ~

    I am an adopted child. My genetic mother was Cherokee. My genetic brother lived on reservation with the Lakotas from the age of 14. He found me later in life and taught me the lessons and ceremonies of The Four Directions. He taught me that those of us with the blood of the ancients, running through our veins are called to fundamental actions of leadership in unification of The Land and her inhabitants. It is a call to unify for peace worthy of defense. I am in the corner of The Compassionate Indigenous People of all Nations. Human and non-human, WE are . . . The Animal Spirits.

    Thank you for reading, experiencing and responding. Thank you for championing. It matters to me.


    ~ Gerean

    • From my brief reading and limited comprehension, I like the lessons of these The Four Directions. I realize there is more to gain from their wisdom, but the North is of a peculiar significance, “If someone has the ability to face these [North] winds like the buffalo with its head into the storm, they have learned patience and endurance.” *This is my confliction, where I struggle, with little patience and a no-other-option endurance.* “Generally, this direction stands for hardships and discomfort to people. Therefore, north represents the trials people must ensure and the cleansing they must undergo.” *Of course, my hardships are of no compare to the animals and I mean not to make them such, I live like a pampered king in that regard—but this position does allow one an advantage to fight oppression.*

      Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Gerean.

      • Peter ~

        All of life faces “The North” during parts of their earthly existence. I see life as divided in quarters: North, South, East, West…Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall….Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit, etc. I also see us as ONE. We collectively experience the quarters. Everyone and everything is connected. The trials, the struggles, the hardships and the discomforts are shared. It may seem that we are pampered Kings and Queens compared to what The Animal Spirits endure, but I am not sure that the emotional pain and agony of the empaths, are any less excruciating than what the physically tortured endure. As ONE, we experience the others and all of life equally, we just don’t always frame it in this thinking. I could go on and on and on …on this subject, but will leave it as a broad statement for now. My two cents.

        I very much appreciate your particular responses, because they are consistent catalysts to deeper thought for me. Thanks for your presence.

        ~ Gerean

    • Thanks for the reblog. The Youth Indigenous Movement worldwide is hitting with a “compassionate fury.” It appears they are prepared to take leadership, not with knives, guns and intimidation, but with words, voice, pen and truth.

      Many Blessings!

      ~ Gerean Pflug/The Animal Spirits

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