5 comments on “JUST AS SCARED AS YOU

  1. Touching tribute. My father died 9 years ago and not a day pass that I don’t think of him, although the connection seems lost, as though he’s moved on, or I have. Perhaps, he’ll be my father in the next life, and if that’s the case I have a couple of matters to square with him. But for the life of me I don’t know why I start referring to the abstract.


    • Peter ~

      Love is abstract, but humans can’t stop talking about it or pondering it.

      He was loved by me deeply. He passed to the “elsewheres” in May of 2008, the most challenging, upside-down and scary year of my life, but also the year that provided me with the highest level of opportunity for self-actualization. I never say that ONE dies, but that they take a small step from here to there. He visits me in signs, symbols, memories and dreams of great significance.

      Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the writing above. It matters to me.

      ~ Gerean

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  3. Aww….so much visualization going on! My father, too, advised me to never fear snakes, mice or rats. I even rescued a mouse in a conference room at work a few months ago, and no one wanted to sit near me :).

    I also had corrective shoes before I could walk!

    Thank you…..

    • My Dad built me a place inside our barn, with salves, medicines, splints, bandages and all kinds of vet supplies, so that I could “doctor” all the animals on our farm, those I found and those WHO found me. I would try to save every animal in physical trauma. Recently, though, I tried to save a baby mouse who came to me for help, and I could not this sweet spirit through his trauma. I felt such grief over this one baby mouse . . . a similar level of grief I felt when my father moved on. Everything IS connected. Thanks for sharing your memory. ~ Gerean

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