1. Would that there were many more such conversions – but huge credit to those matadors ( a word which means, lest anyone forget it, ‘killers’) who have both changed their ways and had the courage to talk about it.

    • Harry~

      So true. I have been writing a blog post on bullfighting for the past few months. It has been very difficult to write. I am working with the structure of the information so that it is informative, educational, influencial and emotionally motivating all at the same time.

      There is so much detail in the history, culture, planning and attitudes surrounding this issue. I will continue to chip away at the post until I am confident that it has reached “make a difference” status. Meahwhile, I thought this post was an excellent precursor.

      Thank you for your consistent encouragement and your most welcome presence on this page.

      Many Blessings!


    • Bearspawprint~ Thank you for keeping our posts on your radar and for all that you do to influence empathy and compassion of our shared spirit with our brothers and sisters . . . the animal spirits.

      Many Blessings!


    • Pleisbilongtumi~ Thank you for reading and commenting! Yes. They often die from the wounds inflicted by the Matador. Those who don’t die are generally slaughtered after the bullfight is over. The term “Matador” means killer in Spanish. I am in process of writing a detailed post about bullfighting but it will take me more time to finish, so am providing this link for you to read. http://www.wspa-international.org/wspaswork/bullfighting/default.aspx

      Thank you for your presence on this page.

      Many Blessings!

      ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

      • I understood slaughtering animal for meet is OK but hurting it for such long time till dye is prohibited actually.
        I can’t wait for your next post about Matador. Thank you so much for the link. Blessing

  2. wow, what a story! by the way the shame is not just on metadors but all those blood thirsty people in the audience cheering him on and saluting him for torturing a poor crittor to death. if they had any semblence of decency or morality they would not be in the audience in the first place. good to see some do realize thier error and correct themselves not all people are creeps.

    • Roberta4949 ~

      Yes. It is unspeakable that millions purchase a ticket to watch such cruelty. Those who are spectators and cheer during the gruesome event are as guilty as the matador.

      But before the matador even comes in contact with the bull so much cruelty is inflicted on the innocent being, the bull, behind the scenes. He is tortured, weakened, disoriented, starved and often drugged before he enters the ring.

      Once he enters the stadium, the bull is approached by picadors (men on horses), who drive lances into the bull’s back and neck muscles, impairing the bull’s ability to lift his head. They twist and gouge the lances to ensure a significant amount of blood loss.

      Then come the banderilleros, a different group of men on foot, who proceed to distract and dart around the bull while stabbing the animal with brightly colored darts called banderillas. After blood loss has weakened the bull, the banderilleros run the bull in more circles until he becomes dizzy and stops chasing.

      In the final act, the matador appears to end the bull’s life.

      Now….doesn’t that sound like a brave and honorable group of men? No. That is cowardly and despicable.

      I will be writing more on this subject in upcoming posts. Thank you for your comment and for your presence on this page. Stay active in lending voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

      Many Blessings!

      ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

      • that is disgustingly cruel, and people wonder why humans can be so cruel to other humans. they say cruelty happens to animals and child first then esculates. so I have been told.

    • Environewsblog ~ Thanks for the reblog. I appreciate how active you are in raising public awareness about the dire need to protect our planet and the living beings who reside here. Many Blessings! ~Gerean

  3. Although the image and story is not what it seems, I identify with the idea of being a good steward of animals rather than their tormentor.

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