1. Gerean, I applaud and salute you. Your compassion and empathy for living things are exemplary and I wish you all success in taking your stories to the world. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. And thank you for all that you do for so many animal spirits. I am quite sure that there is a special blessings on you and those who work with you. ~Gerean

    • Kim ~

      Thank you for reading, listeining and hearing. Yes, there was MUCH trauma for me in what I have seen in my lifetime, Also, there was MORE joy, as the stories, once they’re written will illustrate. I started with the soul-wrenching intro because I so want to communicate to others the connection that animals and humans make as living beings . . . and to point out that their suffering is equal to our own. Stay tuned. As time permits, I will share some amazingly happy stories. 🙂

      Many Blessings!


  2. When I was four years old I went on my first whale watch with my mother. We took a small boat from Gloucester, Massachusetts and went out to the see the Humpback whales in Cape Cod Bay. I remember that day very well because it began my great love for the animals in our world. I remember being stunned that whaling occurred in the world and that it ever could have occurred. For me, this was the beginning of a path that has led me to veganism and to trying in my own small but enduring way to protect and care for the animals. I can relate very much to all that your are saying here, including the prayers you make for the departed. I do the same.

  3. Jeremy ~

    I have never seen a whale in the wild. I have, however, seen one in captivity. I was only 9 years old when my family visited a wild animal aquatic theme park. I left the park feeling depressed and sad. I have never visited one again. To think that human beings are willing to remove these majestic beings from their families and homes to live in solitude for the rest of their lives, to make money on ticket sales, to me, is every bit as inhumane as harpooning them.

    When a four year old, like you, feels the whispering of empathy in his soul, I believe it is a sign that one is divinely ordained to be a human angel for others. This is an ordainment of the highest order.

    Thank you for following your heart and setting personal convictions of protection and compassion for other living beings. Every action you take, every word you speak/write, every kindness you illustrate will make a profound, positive difference in the life of another living being and it will be these things that will become an energy source of good, that will have eternal effects.

    Thank you for reading, hearing and taking the time to comment.

    Continue to pray. There is a mystical, spiritual power in prayer that transcends the finite.

    Many Blessings~


  4. Blessings to you for the work that you do. I look forward to reading more of your stories as you have time to share them!

    • Thanks for your encouragement and your friendship. And . . . thanks for your tireless work in raising public awareness of urgent worldwide issues. Let’s continue to inspire and influence other souls to do the same! Blessings! ~Gerean

  5. Glad to meet you Gerean. You look like a German lass so I was surprised by your heritage. I too am German, but 100%. I share all your interests and read on all the subjects you listed. I am not a vegetarian though. I eat very little meat, and have seen chickens being butchered. It left me scarred. Your blog and life seem very spiritual.

    • Thank you for taking the time to become aquainted. I have not been a vegetarian all of my life. I became convicted to stop eating animal products only after hearing Philip Wollen speak during the international debate called “Meat should be off the menu.” After listening to that and doing HUGE amounts of research, I flipped the switch and never went back. My father was quite the gardener and got the whole family involved in growing our own produce and fruit. He built amazing compost and irrigation systems. When he passed on to the ‘nother places, we stopped gardening until just this year. We are beginning again and are just now setting up our compost systems. In a couple of years we should be rolling along really well. I will look forward to learning from your posts and they will be on my continual radar. Nice to be friends. Many Blessings! ~Gerean

  6. Dear Gerean,

    What a remarkable life story. You have broken the chain and a new generation of compassion, empathy and healing enters consciousness. Thank you for all you are and all you do.


    • Kelly ~

      Thank you for building me up, encouraging me and for being a phenomenal role model. The healing and awakening of conciousness is contagious. On this I hold my hope. Many Blessings! ~Gerean

  7. I respect very much what you are doing here and am really glad I stopped by to read your blog. I share your concerns about land animals and am also a scuba diver with a special affinity for creatures of the sea. A future platform of mine is to raise awareness of how the tons of plastic we use once and throw away every day ends up killing or making sea life and sea birds sick. That’s just ONE of the multitudes of ways man is wrecking our beautiful oceans. Keep up your very important work. Love hearing about your special way with animals. -Julie

  8. gerean, a heartfelt thank you for loving and protecting our animals. i remember being around 3-4 yrs old when there was a cowboy/indian movie on…and i saw a cowboy and his horse being shot. when i saw the horse go down, i cried from the depths of my soul. and, i have unashamedly said many times, that i love animals more than most humans. i refused to bring my kids to the zoo and circus,; and we have always had a houseful of animals…always rescued in pairs so they have each other for companionship. i very much relate to the depth of your pain re the rampant abuses inflicted on animals of all kinds. keep the good fight going. i shall remain your greatest ally and fan. namaste.

    • Leslie ~ Thank you for connecting. It wasn’t until the past few years of my adult life that I began to realize how much we as children push down in an attempt to function in a society of adults that can be so apathetic toward suffering. At times the cruelty we see all around us is so overwhelming, it is natural to harden our hearts simply to survive mentally, emotionally and spiritually. But, eventually, the trauma that comes from such saddness does come to the surface in some amounts and there is a reaction. Writing on behalf of the animal spirits is my way to deal with my own blocked trauma and it offers me a positive way to explore these long-locked feelings. In addition, I believe I am provided the opportunity to influence others who are in the same emotional and spiritual groove as I am . . . with amazingly strong prompting of our hearts toward kindness, gentleness, grace, mercy, compassion and . . . healing one to another. I can’t help but believe that those of us with this special sense of responsibility are specially gifted and covered as . . . angels of sorts. And these angels are certainly not only members of the human species, but of the animal species as well.

      My heart is warmed by your connection today and I recognize and appreciate the kindredness in spirit. I strongly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and in its correct time . . . whether or not we readily understand the reason or the timing. Therefore, this conversation holds power in that reason. 🙂

      Many Blessings!


    • PS~ I love it that you rescue in pairs. Our family has done that a few times too and I know that it makes a difference to the animals . . . who I am absolutely convinced communicate with each other.

      Don’t they just fill your heart?


      • animals ABSOLUTELY communicate with ea other…and with us, if our fear is removed. we *speak* soul to soul…it is a sense of knowingness that i can commit this as my truth. furthermore, i believe we are all spirit having a human experience. still, i recognize i have a looooong way to go as i am not anywhere near feeling “gentle” and tolerant towards those who inflict pain onto others. some folks i just plain pity, but others…it is hard to try and transcend human emotion sometimes. but God knows my heart and He also knows that i am aware of my weaknesses. i do often wonder about my profound attachment to all animals. in life, i am very much a loner but am content with the company of my animals. while i will not eat any type of meat (i AM vegan since i live on jujyfruits and yogurt. ;)) i recently learned about the abuses in the dairy industry as well. i nevre understood whymany vegans won’t touch dairy. my vegan friend sent me a video as to what the cattle and their calves are subjected to, and i wept. i am convinced that while man is so arrogant and ignorant when destroying others, he is also destroying himself in the process. and that is when my fury is replaced with pain. we are not only destroying ea other and all of life, we are destroying our mother earth . the (willful?) ignorance never ceases to amaze me. thank you for listening to me ramble. 🙂 my heart is full, my mouth is fuller. leslie 🙂

  9. Loved hearing your story. That must have been agonizing, growing up like that, with your animal friends constantly slaughtered. I think perhaps if I grew up in those circumstances that would have sped up my deep connection to animals as well, and my desire to advocate for them. But however we get there, at least we did get there. So many don’t. They have compassion for so so many things, and then it stops at animals… especially the animals they eat. Anyway, great to kind such a kindred spirit 🙂

    • I believe in order to influence the human species toward compassionate choice, there is no better place to begin to create change than at the foundation of suffering. As we strive to awaken empathy in the human soul, there are no better lessons than those that can be learned from our relationships with our brothers and sisters, The Animal Spirits. Until WE collectively acknowledge their sentience and their connection to man, we cannot possibly know peace. Empathy required.

      I love this quote: “In OUR capacity to suffer, a dog, is a pig, is a bear, is a boy. And in OUR suffering, WE suffer as equals.” ~ Philip Wollen

      Thank you, Michael for taking the time to not only read, but FEEL the messages I am sending on behalf of The Animal Spirits. Thank you also for sharing your gift of writing, so that many more minds, hearts and souls might awaken to compassionate choice. I am really enjoying your work and will continue to read.

      Many Blessings!

      ~ Gerean Pflug for “The Animal Spirits”

  10. Beautifully worded , thank you for sharing that. When people share their love for our animals, u don’t feel so quite alone!! I also never realised that all the animals that I have found or just turned up literally at my house or someone I know – actually found me!!! Thank you for the enlightenment xxx

    • Jane ~ Thanks for reading/hearing/receiving part of my story. Many compassionate individuals involved in animal rescue and rehab say that The Animal Spirits find them and ask/trust them to help. I have so many personal stories relating to this behavior . . . but so little time to actually write them down. I share as many related stories as possible on OUR Facebook page. If you have similar stories you’d like to have published, feel free to submit them to me as possible contributions to our collective. Thank you for connecting and MANY Blessings! ~ Gerean

  11. I’m touched to the core. Bless you and your heart. Thank you for your salient being advocacy.

    • Michael ~ In the process of conducting a site review, I noticed this comment from you that I had somehow missed. Thank you for investing your time to read, listen, hear and know me better. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and let you know how much your ongoing support of my transmissions mean to me. I was just going to write, “better late than never,” but quickly reminded myself that in terms of infinite life, there is no ‘late’ and there is no ‘never’ there is only this moment….the moment that is meant to be. Blessings on you and yours my compassionate and powerful co-LIGHT-Bearer-Tribe member *wink*. Much LOVE and LIGHT! ~Gerean

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