1. I signed the petition; thank you for sharing it (though seeing this tears me apart).

    Every day I just read more and more horrific news. The situation for animals is dire and the ramifications of climate change become more and more staggering every time a report is released. Every day it seems that the predictions keep becoming more apocalyptic. I really don’t know what to think at this point.

    I am doing what I can by writing letters, sharing information, signing petitions, contacting politicians and looking for other ways to speak out. I try to budget money every month to give what little I can. I say this not to plead my own case, but to admit that I often feel despair at what I am seeing and hearing. That despair won’t keep me from acting and speaking out, but for the first time in my life I have come to believe that humans are going to make this a toxic and nearly dead planet. I don’t want to think like that, but I would be lying to myself if I did not admit that I feel this way.

    • Jeremy~ The world is clearly in crisis. Man has stuck his head in the sand for too long. When I see that we have ALL (including me) have been complacent and apathetic. I am ashamed. I am ashamed at my ownself. Yet, I still have choices . . . WE have choices. We can get depressed and lay down and wait for doom, or we can get up, strap on a set of personal power and using the gifts our Creator gave us, make a profound difference.

      For many years, I have been a sideline cheerleader of environmental issues. All of my life I have been an advocate for animal rights. But, I always thought I’d leave it to the “big boys” to do the fighting. I rescued animals in need, donated money here and there, pursued work that was socially serving, and volunteered. All my life I preached a sermon from behind rose-colored-glasses . . . thinking that sweet, pictures of puppies and dolphins would warm the hearts of mankind enough to make my difference. I’ve pulled a gazillion punches because I didn’t want to make anybody feel bad. But the day came when I realized that this is not honest. To just write and talk about and act out what people want to hear, see and hang out with is exactly what the problem is. I went inside myself and took a look, asked myself some serious questions, and the answers were not attractive . . . certainly not answers that I am proud of. I realized that in my interest to keep everybody happy, I’d sold out the humans I believed I wanted to affect, I sold out myself, the animal spirits and future generations. To do this is not compassion.

      I thought about laying down and closing my eyes and living a pitiful rest of my life, but I decided to get up, use the meager tools at hand and with my own unique voice and raised fists, turn this corner and make a profound, positive difference. Guess what? I feel happy. I am not depressed. I am now living my own sermon by balancing my platform of belief: Empathy, Compassion, Service andmy belief in the inherant goodness of the majority of people, like you, who I know will operate from a place of kindness.

      I have made a decision and a commitment that I will through my actions, motivate as many people as possible and when it’s my time to pass on to the ‘nother places, I will go in honor and I will say, I did my best.

      It is a scientific and spiritual fact that this world cannot last forever. I makes no sense to try to preserve it forever. What does make sense is to become individual lights of mind, heart and spirit that illuminate the darkness and servents with objectives to awaken each other NOW.

      Without mincing words, without pulling any punches, without peeking timidly through my rose-colored glasses, without hiding my head under the covers, I’m dedicating myself to influencing THE AWAKENING of MANY who from their souls, desire to live a life that eminates empathy and compassion, one for the other. The writing cannot always be pretty, and rain-bow-ie, and fluffy and feel good. The truth is sometimes shocking, harsh and anger producing. But don’t live in the anger, instead use it as a catalyst for the things that bring light.

      Please continue on with the fight, but do it in personal power and JOY. Don’t give up. Don’t lay down and just piss and moan. Speak in honesty and truth and of things that are right. Go ahead and cry, I do, but not for too long. Because there’s work to be done. The work calls for millions of seemingly small actions, that WILL become one monstrous unified voice. Therefore not one of us is standing alone. We are partners in this. And we WILL make an amazing difference. 🙂

      Many Blessings on you and on all that from a place of empathy and compassion take action to protect and lend voice to the innocent living beings who cannot speak for themselves.


    • Hello! Good on both of you for taking these issues to heart seriously. SoundEagle feels odd having to click the “Like” button as if the ghastly scene and deplorable sight are anything to be fond of. As for Jeremy’s statement “humans are going to make this a toxic and nearly dead planet”, perhaps humans can be likened to the cancer cells on Earth multiplying unchecked.

      Gerean and Jeremy, SoundEagle agrees with your sentiments and resolves, though we must realise that even when we speak the truth in the most constructive, genuinely caring and scientifically sound way(s), there will always be those who ignore, shunt or even harm and hate us.

      Sometimes, our kindness, forgiveness, empathy, politeness, civility, amnesty, compromise, tolerance, reservation, self-control, prudence, temperance, farsightedness and being considerate are sometimes seen as weaknesses of one kind or another.

      SoundEagle is glad that we found some like-minded people here, and understands what you have been through. Please kindly allow SoundEagle to respond to your previous comments in kind as follows:

      If or when we behaved and acted as outliers against the grain of society or social moray, many or most of our relatives, friends and (ex-)colleagues would simply not have the time, capacity and courage to cultivate or possess the wisdom and mentality to like, understand, tolerate, change, empathize or sympathize with, and/or support our way of life, worldview and philosophy. This would be true even if or when we had to sacrifice our careers and wellbeing as the result of sustained involvements in helping, saving, innovating, protecting, appraising, connecting, exposing, contradicting, validating and promoting some peoples and projects in various contexts and situations. It could also be true if or when we had done a lot of voluntary, non-profit, non-commercial and/or pro bono works for extended periods, and as a result, has/had forgone earning a very large amount of income over the working life.

      SoundEagle would like to commend you on your comments here and on your continual propensities and endeavours to find ways to understand, change, mobilise and connect with others to achieve admirable goals for the betterment and future of our fellow nonhumans.

    • Environews~ Thank you for your consistent energies in promoting public awareness and influencing action based in empathy and compassion for innocent, living beings who cannot speak for themselves. You have worked hard to gain the respect of an amazing number of followers. I so appreciate your choice to deliver a message that is critical to the rightness of our responsibility to our planet. Many Blessings! ~Gerean

  2. Am one of the rangers in kenya and i know what we are going through trying to safeguard the last species in kenya.its very painfull to see elephants dying as a result of poachers,but we are doing the best to save them,in conservation journey we don’t have routine because its full challenges of all kinds.God intervene

    • Albert ~

      I am thrilled to have heard from you. I am working on a story the will highlight the work of the brave and honorable rangers who are risking their lives to preserve the planet’s elephants. It is an honor to have your presence on this page. If you would like to submit your own story/stories, I will be happy to incorporate them into my upcoming articles. I will be happy to receive any first-handed information from you and those who walk with you. You can submit any information you please to me at: animalspirits222@aol.com.

      I am working hard to communicate the grave realities of the heinous threat against our severly endangered elephants and the devestating loss of life to those who bravely defend them.

      I am but one person, living in Ashland OR, USA who has decided to stop sitting on the sidelines hoping that others will make a difference. My hope is that every individual worldwide will become aware and from a place of empathy and compassion, take action and lend voice to innocent, livings beings who cannot speak for themselves.

      Many blessings, Albert, on you and all that fight along side of you. You are among the bravest of men and you are worldwide heroes.

      Thank you again for taking the time to write to me.

      With great respect and admiration~

      ~Gerean Pflug for “The Animal Spirits

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    • Every action we take makes a difference. Utilizing social media networking platforms will send the messages out to an amazingly broad group of individuals. This group of individuals worldwide is now referred to as “The International Community.” The international community needs information, motivation and encouragement in order to influence action on the part of each individual. You are one of those. I am one of those.

      Thank you for your willingness to allow the use of your social networking platforms as a means to reach others. Blessings on those who from a place of empathy and compassion, take action to defend, protect and lend voice to sentient, living beings who cannot speak for themselves.

      ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

    • Also . . . if you will encourage others to sign the petitions to CITES it will greatly influence the international ban on ivory trade. The links to the petitions are at the bottom of the article. These are extremely influencial, worldwide petitions that need the signature of all humans.

      Thank you again!


    • Curi56 ~ Thank you for the reblog and for helping to raise public awareness of what is one of the most urgent conservation issues in history. Many Blessings! ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

    • hjfoley~ Thank you for reblogging and for helping to bring attention to what is certainly one of the most urgent conservation issues in history. Many Blessings! ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

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