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    • Thank you for partnering in this. I know that it’s the wolves and the whales and the rhinos and the factory farm animals and good Lord it’s mass destruction. I’m trying using every single second I can of my time to be active and I KNOW that when we act as individuals we make a difference. I let myself cry for a few minutes each day, then I tell myself, “The cryin’ isn’t going to help. Get back in the game.”

      You are surely blessed for all that you do to influence empathy and compassion among those who are not aware and those who are indifferent.


      • I’ll do my best to keep up with things and help as I can. Broken systems, broken animals, broke people…so much that needs caring for and tending to it is overwhelming, isn’t it? Crying is a good release of all the darkness you must take in… I light candles on my Nature Altar every morning and will add a blue healing candle to it and keep you and the work you do in mind as I do my blessings and meditation.

        Thanks to you, your blog posts and the posts you make on FB, I was finally able to convince my husband that our whole diet should be meat/animal free…for 10 years now I’ve pinged away at him but is was the information you provide that was powerful enough to change his mind. I owe you a million thanks for that.

        ~ Blessings ~

      • Ohhhhhhhh . . . Rebecca . . . nothing in this world feeds my souls as much as knowing that I made a positive difference in the lives of others. It was the Philip Wollen speech “Animals should be off the menu” that finally prompted me to stop eating. I could no longer in good conscience promote animal welfare while eating them. And you know . . . it was not a bit hard. I have found recipes that are unbelievably delicious . . . and with so many stopping meat eating, the food is getting better every day. Also . . . I believe it is forcing the governments to recognize that we don’t want their crappy GMO food-like substances. Change is certainly taking place because we as people are choosing individually.

        Thanks again for your encouragement, sistah! 🙂


      • I had stopped eating more for quite awhile in my early 20’s but then I stepped into *society*, had kids, worked 60hrs a week and stopped thinking too deeply about Life. I’ve wanted to ease meat out of our menu for awhile but now is the time since it is just the 2 of us and no kids to send into an uproar. I have been loving testing out the recipes and remembering what it is like to mix fresh herbs, veggies, etc and come up with the most exquisite tastes. I agree about also sending a message to the Powers that Be that this is NOT acceptable and not supported.
        Thanks again and have a great night!

      • Rebecca ~ If you get in the mood for some new recipes, I’ve started a board on Pinterest. I’ve made and eaten most of them and all are GREAT. If I find one that I don’t like, I’ll delete it from the board. Feel free to visit and copy to your heart’s delight!


      • Gerean,
        This is the best and most important article I’ve read here so far- very well said. Your right, the situation is horrific and urgent. If only the world would rush in for these majestic beasts like the do for humans.The truth is both a great and terrible thing- the wise submit when confronted by it. THE ANIMAL HOLOCAUST IS REAL…..

      • Yes, it is so incredibly tragic. I know that men from around the world are beginning to go over and work along side of the rangers in an attempt to deter the poachers, but the land is so vast and the poachers are everywhere. It will take literally an army to protect them. Therefore, the only way to stop them is to end the trade.

        Have you read that the world wide spiritual leaders are beginning to take action in relation to stopping the ivory trade? The Catholic Church is one. They are a powerful influence in world leadership, but with all of the red tape and hoops to jump through, we are right to worry that their assistance may be too late.

        I believe that as individuals raising public awareness worldwide, will band us together by the millions. Many people are not even aware of what is going on. We have to reach a broader public. Blogging, reblogging, asking the power bloggers to write to this, tweeting, writing letters, making phone calls, and screaming our collective f-ing heads off, is what is needed now.

        Thanks for your encouragement and all that you do to inform and influence those who are uneducated and/or indifferent.


    • Steve ~ Thanks for partnering in this and for all that you do to affect change of heart, mind and spirit. I see that those of us that are active are making a difference. I see the differences in the news each day and know that we are part of it via our choices in blog and Facebook posts, in signing petitions, in letters, in conversations, in our behaviors, but most of all in our hearts. Thanks for reblogging. Many Blessings! ~Gerean

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