10 comments on “NO JUSTIFICATION

  1. There is never any justification for such vile, abominable behaviour, but humans seem capable of any and all vicious nastiness. Fotunately, we are also capable of its opposite: empathy, kindness and compassion. The question is which of these attitudes holds sway and which kind of human being each of us chooses to be.

  2. Harry ~

    I am comforted by my belief that there are more of us than them. I see enlightenment happening around the world, including my own enlightenment. I see changes in mindset, particularly in the mindset of empathy. I see individuals taking stands that they were otherwise too afraid (or too apathetic) to take previously. Empathy and compassion, focused on ALL living beings, one-to-the-other will make the most profound change to our planet. I’m sure you will agree that it starts with ME. 🙂

    Thank you for your most welcomed comments and for all that you do to influence the minds, hearts and spirits of others toward a living lives of compassion.

    Many Blessings!


  3. where is the petition….it is easier to get more people envolved if there is a petition site to go to…

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