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  1. I was raised in a family that hunted for all of the meat that went on our table and went along on the hunts from a very young age. I never actually hunted, only tagged along (mainly an excuse for me to go camping and talk to trees and rocks out from under my mom’s watchful eye and nagging to act like a lady) but I recall more than one occasion of one of the men wounding, not killing an animal. They would search and search for days trying to track/find it and I HATED, HATED, HATED that more than anything. I saw men almost in tear over it & always wondered then, why they didn’t stop hunting?
    I go out *hunting* for animals all the time now…with my camera! And fit’s amazing how much closer they allow you to get when you aren’t trying to murder them…

    • Ahhh what a great comment. I was raised on a cattle ranch. I was an extremely sensitive girl and took issue with my father about the killing of animals. He was gentle about it with me, but the answer was, “This is the way we make our living, and on the days the animals are to ‘go to heaven’, we’ll make sure you aren’t here, k?”

      No, not okay. It was heartbreaking for me. I loved them all. And I could not save them all.

      Nowdays I rescue dogs, feed wild birds, the deer bring their babies to sleep under my bedroom window at night (I call them my deer angels) . . .and I write about what I love, therefore am driven to protect . . . The Animal Spirits! 🙂

      Nice to connect with you on WordPress. I regularly read your posts.


      • Rural upbringings can be really tough, can’t they? My dad was not gentle and I had to help with the gutting and skinning of the kills whether I liked it or not. In a very cold, scientific way some of it was interesting…I have a really good understanding of anatomy, at least. On the other hand, there were some really ugly moments that have never stopped haunting me so I try to make up with kindness for all things now as much as I possibly can.

        It sounds like you have a very lovely environment to enjoy now and that is a good thing. What you do; the posts you make and the awareness you raise are all very incredible and always moving, if sometimes heartbreaking. I am a regular reader even when I don’t always have time to comment. If I miss your posts here, I look for them on FB 🙂

        I am stuck in the ugliest part of the city that is 200 miles from mountains, wildlife, etc. When we go camping I take a million photos to ‘hold me over’ for a nature fix during long months when I can’t be there. We foster dogs as much as we can but 3 have ended up with their forever homes here so now it is harder to bring other dogs into the mix. My birds…at least I can charm them here into my sad little yard! They sit on the fence and make a racket if I am late delivering their breakfast! Love it! Love them all from the sparrows to my special buddies the crows. ♥

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