• Thank You Harry! I read the letter from Paul Watson and wrote to him a promise that I would not be complacent. Your concern with me and with those fighting to save the whales in immediate peril is heartwarming. Blessings! ~Gerean

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    The best part of social media is actions like this one. Many small voices that join together can become a roar too loud to be ignored!

  2. As you may know my mission is about the Rhino Poaching. I find that if I try do all the things that need saving/attention it is just too hectic. But I watch the other species suffer. I will also put this on my facebook page and write a note to the rhino activist. The Captain has my greatest respect, salute.

    • Yes, it is impossible for one individual to address every animal protection cause. I am spending the next eight days focusing on raising public awareness for the whale crisis in the Southern Ocean. After that, I will continue writing on a variety of issues again. Thank you for all that you do to raise awareness about Rhino poaching which is also a devestating crises worldwide. Every action makes a difference. Thank you for reposting to your Facebook page and for taking the time to comment. Many Blessings! ~Gerean

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