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    Cubs and coals used to be used for “Dancing Bears” training. Same method. music and feet burns until there is a dance response to the music. Thought this was not done (eastern Europe) anymore. I am sorry to read this. Bears are our relatives. We are all relatives.

    • Bearspawprint~ In my resources at the bottom of this post, I linked to Bear With Us, a bear sanctuary I follow. They care for a retired circus bear that used to be billed as “Clyde the Dancing Bear.” The bear is actually a female, now called Molly. She was trained to dance by paw-burning and even after she left the circus was absued and neglected. She now lives in freedom, kindness and peace. She was the inspiration for this blog post. Thank you so much for your presence here and for all you do to raise public awareness. Appreciate your work. ~Gerean

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    I cannot believe such a thing is still being done…or maybe I just prefer NOT to believe this is really the world we live in… 😦

    • MisBehaved ~ Unspeakable acts are still being done all over the world to literally millions of sentient beings. The suffering is overwhelming and most of it is inflicted to make a buck. This is why WE write. Thank you for your presence on this site. Thank you for the work you do daily to raise public awareness relating to issues that affect the occupants of this planet to the core. ~Gerean

  3. Environewsblog ~ Thank you for helping to get the word out on issues of worldwide importance. I appreciate your presence on this page and the reblogs of my posts. Many Blessings! ~Gerean

  4. Only five of us, in addition to yourself. Even with rebloggs and links., i hope that is just “so far”—–Did you know that migrating Black Bears often pass right through towns and communities, sensibly using bridges to cross rivers, without people ever even being aware they are there. Of course some get spotted, now and again, but of the majority, all that is ever seen is an occasioanal bears paw print.—–Bears can teach us about the uses of plants and natural substances. Bears are teachers and healers. However, Bears are also (as they are supposed to be) dangerous wild omnivours and people should avoid them as much as possible. Just as they avoid us. When in the woods, make noise and try to NOT smell like a supper. That is … don’t eat and then wipe your hands on your clothing, do not carry soiled food wrappings and dishes about. When camping, store all food far away from where you sleep. Don’t snack in bed, when camping. In areas wilderness areas where there is high human traffic, and the people have practised good food hygeine “bear bells” work (mostly, except in exceptions).—–Granny

    • All good advice, Granny. I live in a wilderness area. My house butts right up to the Rogue National Forest in Southern Oregon. I often see scat less than 100 ft. from my home. A few years ago a bear damaged our wood deck trying to get to something underneath. My family has lived in this spot over 30 years and we have never seen one bear. I am glad about that because it means they are safer from us. Have you ever heard of Wildlife Images? They are located a little over 1/2 hr. drive from my home. They take in bears that have been injured and sometimes baby bears who have lost their mothers.

      My attitude toward blogging is that it does make a difference. I only started blogging for the animals in November of 2012. Since then I’ve recognized a slow, steady growth in interest. The same is true for the corresponding Facebook page “The Animal Spirits.” Slow and steady is just fine with me. If the writings here make a difference for one living being, it is worth it. Many Blessings! ~Gerean

  5. P.S. I would love to get email alerts each time you post. If you put a “follow” widget on your sidebar, I we could sign up there 🙂

  6. This story broke my heart. I shared on facebook and will reblog this also. Thank you for sharing the reality of the inhumane practices of humanity.

    • My platform is to influence emapthy. When we put ourselves in the place of others . . . feeling what they feel, we act from compassion. Often people don’t understand the graphic cruelty that takes place when the suffering of living beings is ignored. Thank you so much for partnering with me in spirit and in action by helping to raise public awareness and of course, compassion. If the animals could speak, they would certainly thank you. 🙂 ~Gerean

  7. Empathy and compassion are very important virtues that seem to be lacking in our world today. We need to make the difference that really matters, by being different.
    Lovely move for creating awareness. Very creative post; efficiently arousing emotions of compassion.

    • Thank you for investing the time to read, hear and give thought to my post. I believe that without empathy, we cannot fully experience compassion. I believe that compassion is the ultimate trump card over hatred. Everyone in between the two are either uneducated or indifferent. I write to influence the “tweeners” and to build up the compassionate.

      Thank you for your comment and for your presence at this site.

      Many blessings!

      ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

      • You are welcome!
        Your words are full of both wisdom and creativity.
        You’ve got an excellent spirit.
        Thanks for taking the time to respond with such encouraging words.
        I am delighted! 🙂

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