7 comments on “HEROISM BY SPEECH

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  2. I watched this entire debate about a year ago, or so. It was no contest. Philip’s speech and of his team members simply could not be toppled by the nonsensical reasoning of the opposition.

    • Peter ~

      How interesting that you watched the entire debate. I did too and since, I have asked many humans, who had seen Wollen’s part of the debate, if they’d seen the whole gig, but not one person had.

      I agree with you that there was absolutely no contest. The opposition humiliated their own-selves. Although, I want to be a person of exceptional grace, I have to admit, I experienced a delicious plate-full of immense satisfaction, bearing witness to their well-deserved spanking. I can’t help it. I’m 25% human ~ therein lies the blame. 😉 ~ G

      PS ~ A long time ago, I accessed the transcript from Wollen’s portion and began to dissect it in an attempt to transform it into prose. Like many of my creative endeavors, it hangs in the lurches, waiting for the necessary inspiration, that may or may not appear. Oh well.

      PSS ~ I’ve been gradually reading your work and I am hanging on every word. You are a rare find. I am blessed to have crossed your path. Thank you for your interest in my expression, as well. It matters to me.

      • Gerean, I am secure in my beliefs, my position—as I believe you too are in yours—for which I always listen to the opposition, with keen interest. Knowing your enemy, their reasoning and logic or lack thereof gives one strength, resolve, and strategic advantage, and as you say, a delicious satisfaction. 🙂

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