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    • It is disgraceful isn’t it? Thanks for reblogging. It appears that the bloggers on WordPress are increasingly successful in raising public awareness by simply supporting other bloggers. And . . . why not?

  1. This is another terrible example of how we abuse the rights of animals and across the World there are thousands of similar instances happening to hundreds of species. The problem is so big, so widespread, so accepted that finding a solution seems impossible. The easy option is just to ignore what is happening and convince ourselves it is not our problem. But if everyone who cared enough to think about the problem acted as well we could Working Together make a difference. Have reblogged on WTFAW.

    • I agree. It seems impossible. However, if each of us takes some kind of action; writes letters, signs petitions, blogs, posts to our social networks, rescues animals in need, educates the public, donates funds etc. the actions are multiplied by millions and lives are spared. Also, focusing on the heroes, influences others to be heroes. I’m so glad that others are reblogging these posts. Thank you for adding this and so much other great information on WTFAW.

  2. This subject rips at my heart. Thank you for sharing this and for urging people to speak out. I am doing what I can to help put a stop to wolf hunting.

    • Blessings on all innocent creatures who are being savagedly mistreated and slaughtered. Blessings on every single heart of man who takes whatever action they can to speak for, rescue and protect the precious animal spirits. You’re on my radar. Will be following your posts.

      • I will be following yours too. I can only hope that those who choose to hunt wolves (especially those who do so with hate in their hearts) will be brought to a new level of love, compassion and awareness.

  3. Agreed- very ugly. Alot of ARAs don’t like to fight past ethics, but some of us do work for better laws as well. We need to be 21st century ARAs and work the legal system as well. Awful but important article.

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