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  1. I really appreciate what you are trying to do here on your blog. I am attempting to do this myself in my own work. I think your synopsis here says so much:

    Unless we draw upon our empathy, putting ourselves in the place of the other and understanding what they are feeling, we cannot connect. This poetry works to transport us into a place in which we stand in the same space “with the breath of a thousand young souls” eye-witnessing their suffering at the hands of men. What will you do? ~Gerean, The Animal Spirits

    Thank you for being a voice of compassion!

    • I loved your writing about the donkey. The person that wrote the poetry “We all stood by” was at one time the head of a large donkey rescue organization in Europe. He still works in animal welfare.

      Me: Having been burdened by the mistreatment of animals at a very young age (was raised on cattle ranches and farms), I also felt overwhelmed and powerless to stop cruelty. For a while, I tried to close my eyes to the travesty, but the animal spirits kept seeking me out and finding me. I felt and still feel a sense of urgency to protect them, but how can I stop all of the heinous poachers, traders, hunters, animal entertainment criminals, torturers and abusers? I have no voice with that group. I do however, have a computer, phone, writing skills, a unique form of influence and the ability to connect and support others with like hearts and spirits. So that is what I am doing. . . . I am striving to nudge the hearts and souls of the indifferent, to build up and promote the heroes and to raise public awareness . . . along with treating every animal that crosses my path with respect, honor, kindness and . . . I will NEVER again turn my eyes nor my back on another living being in need. Thank you for doing the same. We make a difference . . . one heart at a time. Blessings!

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