13 comments on “THE PRICE OF A CIRCUS SEAT

    • So true. It makes me ill everytime I think about it. The only thing I can do is to write on the subject in hopes that more people will become aware, step up and call for a stop to it. Thanks for the visit.

  1. Your post is so moving. I was there with the poor animal. I just cannot understand how people can put animals through so much suffering, particularly, like you said, when their eyes meet yours. I have never been to a circus and I never took my daughter to one. We went to Hyde park Winter Wonderland last week and were both horrified to find a circus there, which we avoided. i don’t know if they have wild animals there or not. Either way I am not interested and nor is she. It’s the word “circus”. I hate it and shudder when I see/hear it.

    • Thank you for reading and feeling. I saw the video (added link below my post) online by Peta. When I saw the footage of the treatment of these pool eles while no one was looking, I just cried for a long time. The best I have to offer at the moment to protect them is to write, so I am attempting to write at least 3 posts per week focusing on influencing empathy and compassion. Your comment helps me recognize that the posts can reach a deeper level than the surface. Thank you and many blessings.


  3. Very moving post! This blog post is exactly what is needed to encourage people to be aware of what really goes on behind the scenes of a circus. Everyone should know the suffering of these animals in order to gain more support and stop animal cruelty . Education is the best way to create change.

    • I am trying to influence empathy. If we put ourselves in the place of another living being . . . feeling their pain, anguish and loss, it is then we are willing to take action. Education and getting the facts in front of people is soooooo important. Thank you for taking the time to connect.

  4. I dislike any animal that’s in captivity for any reason the only performing that they should is being free roaming there native lands it makes me sick to my stomach to see or here about these beautiful creatures being taken away from there mothers and them forced to something that is not natural i wish we didn’t have Zoos or circuses lets push to get this banned

    • Jerry~ I feel the same way you do. I have spent a lifetime connected to animals. The longer I live, the more aware I become. The way that the human species has abused and mistreated the innocent, sentient, living beings . . . the animal species, is at the upper levels of evil. I have decided to spend every spare moment of the rest of my life, focused on raising public awareness and doing my level best to influence those who are either unaware or indifferent, to act from a place of empathy and compassion to protect, defend and lend voice to these innocent, sentient, living beings who cannot speak for themselves.

      I have become ACTIVE and will become increasingly active. I hope you do too! The world’s governments are NOT stepping up-to-the-plate to care for our planet. It is clear to me that we cannot depend on them. Therefore, it is up to the collective individuals as ONE international community to accept the responsibility. There is MUCH work to be done. Thank you for listening and hearing the message here. Your comment and the comments of others encourage me to continue to write with passion. Many Blessings! ~Gerean Pflug for “The Animal Spirits”

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