1. Bitter, angry and direct. I’m rubbing off on you 😉
    I normally charge for that (rubbing that is)!
    As a panda I not only like this concept, but may visit my cousins the polar bears to see what we can kick-start.
    Nice message sir. Which only leaves it for the pedant in me to say that majestic is with a J.

    • Rule ~ Thank you for your presence, the gratuitous rub and free editing services. Let me take this opportunity to say, ‘madam’ ,. . . and please don’t take this praise as “Sychophantaceous” . . .that your writing has motivated me not only to begin to more honestly and fearlessly speak my mind, but also to become more aware of my proofreading. Thus, the word majestic is now properly spelled, although personally, I like the G better than the J. In re-reading, I corrected a few other typos and some subtle alterations in flow were made as well. Your posts are continually on my radar and I look forward to the next drop of a well crafted word from you.

      ~G (aka, Air on G)

      • Thank you for your high praise. I will take it in its intended spirit.
        I’ve removed some earlier posts, but I started very warily too, and it’s been great to get such positive feedback to my fumes and poems.
        All that said, please never leave the house and find real talent to compare me too!
        I look forward to watching you blossom even further 🙂

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