11 comments on “TO KILL A WHALE

  1. I just had the opportunity to play with the Dolphins and this piece makes me cry. We must stop the killing of our wild animals. I kissed a dolphin named Jill and the connection between us was so strong. She was like me, personality, loving to visit the people who were there. I felt my soul touch hers.

    • We ARE connected by spirit to the animal species. There are varying degrees of denial about this from the human species. Yet, example after example throughout all of time proves differently. We feel. They feel. We suffer. They suffer. We suffer as equals. Blessings! ~Gerean

    • We can make a difference. Every click, share, comment, blog post, reblog, facebook entry, tweet, petition signed, letter written, phone call placed, donation made … raises public awareness and influences compassion among those who may be uneducated or indifferent. Volunteers who take action on the front lines are in need of support. If the world governments cannot/will not protect the planet, we must do it as individuals. Thank you for your presence on this page. Many Blessings! ~Gerean

  2. Please stop whaling. Whales are intellegent beings we wld learn more from studying their behaviour. If you keep killing them you may distroy the livly hood of the species as they only mate at ceryain times of the year at certain places they only have one young and nurse them for up to five yrs so it dosr nott give much leaway for threat on the species…stop lying and grow up…orthe sea shepard will take you for all yove got

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